The End Result

  • Faster servers
  • More server space
  • Wifi rollout supporting mobile workers

The Problem

Security Plus is Europe’s largest independent and family owned volume cash carrier so ensuring the right IT infrastructure was in place was critical.

With modern work challenges often requiring key workers to attend different sites within businesses, it pays to be connected. Connection issues can cost an organization time and money as staff have to bypass firewalls and jump through hoops just to access their email. Security is paramount in the information age and an infrastructure that’s not up to the job only compounds the problem, as file access is slow, access to resources suffers and data security is easily compromised.

Security Plus was suffering with failing infrastructure which needed to be updated to allow the firm to focus on business growth while maintaining paramount security across a number of sites.

The Challenge

Security Plus has 11 sites connected to the same infrastructure, all of which needed to be updated in readiness for the next stage of their business development and to ensure security remained at the highest levels. The servers were almost at capacity and a new solution was needed.

TechCare were called in to upgrade the aged Security Plus infrastructure while also working to improve connections for team members who had to move between some of the sites and needed easy access to resources regardless of their physical location on any given day.

The Solution

TechCare helped Security Plus to bring IT infrastructure firmly up to date by supplying and assisting in the setup of 12 new servers. TechCare also devised and installed a full wireless solution and continues to assess and refresh networking infrastructure to bring that up to date.

The new servers are faster than the previous servers, and are supported by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise; they’re also full of space, have enterprise-grade security and are ready to support the business as it grows and develops.

James Wakeman from Security Plus said “We needed more than an online company who could just supply the goods; we needed a business that could assist us not only with the supply of goods but had the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide advice and support on which path to go down regarding the infrastructure upgrades.  Coupled with this, once the goods arrived whenever I have stumbled across any issues setting the kit up, help and support was only a phone call away.”

Karl Frankham, Managing Director of TechCare said “ We were the partner of choice for technical advice and the procurement of HPE Servers, WatchGuard Security appliances and Cisco networking hardware, ahead of the organisation’s infrastructure upgrades across 10 nationwide depots.

“It was real pleasure working with Security Plus as the team understood the importance of investing in the continued development of their IT and communications infrastructure.”

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