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Your business communication needs are paramount to running a successful company, and that’s why we highly recommend investing in the LG Ericson iPECS UCP communication system.

Unified communications services provide a variety of complex mobility solutions ideal for boosting productivity whilst simultaneously cutting down on communications expenses – both crucial considerations for small to medium businesses. Whether seeking to improve the overall communications strategy of a company or provide a reliable communications network between external and internal workforce, the iPECS UCP has the power to connect smartphones and other mobile devices, operating with a smart single-user interface which doesn’t call upon an external server. In addition, the scalable options of the iPECS UCP enable users to develop their options over time as their business expands, and there are three different models available to suit company needs, wants and scale – the UCP100, the UCP600 and the UCP3400. Here are our top five reasons for recommending the LG Ericson iPECS UCP…

Vastly Improved Business Performance

The LG Ericson iPECS UCP operates seamlessly alongside various other third-party solutions across a wide range of industries including healthcare and hospitality. With the ability to establish an efficient communications environment, users are given access to company-boosting applications including NMS, Voice Mail and ClickCall.

Flexible All-IP Architecture

The flexible architecture of the LG Ericson iPECS UCP helps customers seamlessly manage their own powerful business communication system across a multi-site network, with the added benefit of transparent networking (T-NET) to provide local survivability.

Scalability Made Seamless

The iPECS UCP from LG Ericson is completely scalable, allowing users to expand their licences as their business needs develop and reduce their initial investment costs, providing the ideal solution for start-ups and companies experiencing both progressive and rapid change.

Embedded Telephony Features

The embedded standard server provides users with many and varied features for optimising their business activities, including video capability, audio conferencing and instant messaging applications. The premium server provides yet more features than the standard iPECS UCS, providing many options dependent upon unique customer requirements.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) As Standard

Providing further cost benefits to the overall business communications network, VoIP supports T-NET and remote devices to help optimise the user experience further.

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