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The end result

  • New gyms up and running
  • One-stop-shop for all IT needs
  • Helped new startup to grow

The Problem

Sweat! Gyms are a new brand of low-cost, high value gyms with growth plans across the UK. In order to accomplish this, it was vital that their IT platform was performing as well as their personal trainers, so they contacted TechCare to assist with initial IT solutions and communications support.

As well as helping them make full use of their IT equipment in their first gym in Walsall, Sweat! needed TechCare’s help to make their expansion vision a reality and enable them to open more gyms across the UK.

The Challenge

TechCare started by assisting Sweat! with their IT installation at their Walsall gym, enabling them to set-up the gym operation and then to keep their business running smoothly.

The initial contact came after Techcare had been recommended as a provider of IT solutions and support.  Consequently, they made TechCare its national partner, retaining them for all future installations. With their gym in Walsall fully optimised, what Sweat! needed a partner to help them grow.

The Solution

TechCare replicated the reliability and expertise it had shown in its first dealing with Sweat! to four of the company’s new gym sites. The new gyms, located in Glasgow, Sheffield, Denton and Chelmsford, all required the same level of service to ensure they ran as smoothly as Sweat!’s Walsall site. TechCare provided just that.

By providing a complete, comprehensive IT solutions package including hardware installation, setup and infrastructure solutions as well as ongoing maintenance and support, TechCare ensured that Sweat! was able to achieve its ambitions for growth.

Sweat! were impressed with the initiative and knowledge shown by TechCare during the interaction and are now looking to extend that relationship to make Techcare responsible for all of their IT support and infrastructure as a one-stop outsource provider.

Tony Harris, Sweat! Director said: “TechCare have become a trusted partner for our business.  We know we can rely on them. They understand our business and our needs.  They are always prepared to go that bit further in providing a service.”

“TechCare has made a big difference to our business; having suppliers and partners who are able to solve problems and use initiative is valuable to us as we grow from a start-up to a medium sized business.”

Karl Frankham, TechCare Managing Director, said: “After the work we did supporting them with their IT requirements at their first gym in Walsall, we aided them in the initial installation of their IT solutions at their new gym sites as well as providing ongoing support.

“We were delighted to assist Sweat! achieve their growth aspirations. They’ve now evolved into a strong and recognised player in the UK fitness market and it’s fantastic that we were able to be a part of helping a small start-up grow into a medium-sized enterprise.

“The partnership has gone from strength to strength and I’m proud to say that Sweat! are currently in the process of making us responsible for all of their IT support and infrastructure as a one-stop outsource provider.”