Cicsco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches

Who Are They for?

The new Cisco Catalyst 9200 switches are best suited to mid-market businesses with simple branch deployment, and are an ideal upgrade choice for current users of Catalyst 2960-X and 2960-XR Series switches.

The Basics

There is a total of 12 models, 4 of them with modular uplinks (SKU C9200) and 8 with fixed uplinks (SKU C9200L). The modular models allow you to migrate from 1G to 10G and beyond with minimal disruption. For more detail download the 9200 Series data sheet (you may be able to co-brand on partner site. Best to upload onto your site and have as download rather than direct away to Cisco


What’s New?


The Cisco 9200 series models are twice as fast and have more than double the capacity of traditional switches.

Increased Security

The 9200 series is fully backed by Cisco’s security solutions which increases the protection to your network – hardware and software.

The portfolio includes Talos, MACsec encryption, Trustworthy Solutions and segmentation.


Centralised Management

The 9200 Series are Cisco’s entry level switches for Software Defined Access (SD-Access), and a WebUI helps you to close skill gaps created by rapid development in cloud, virtualisation and automation technologies


Converged hardware, software and licencing

All Cisco access, distribution and core switches now have the same forwarding processor giving engineers an easier time operating and troubleshooting the 9200 Series.

All 9000 switches can run Cisco’s IOS-XE software and there is licencing flexibility with a choice between Advantage and Essentials licences.


Intent-based networking

The new Cisco Catalyst 9200 switches are designed for intent-based networking (IBNS).  In practice IBNS means that a network administrator could define what they need the network to do, and automated software creates the desired state and implements them.
Read more on intent-based networking.

Programmable ASIC’s

Few companies can afford the investment needed to develop customised network silicon microchips or ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuits) and Cisco is a leader within this technology.
The Cisco UADP (Unified Access Data Plane) ASIC has a flexible forwarding engine and converges wired and wireless traffic together