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Data & Telephone Cabling

Over 250 IT networks installed or upgraded using our data and telephone cabling services in the last 5 years. Trust us to TechCare of it.

Reduce downtime and stress with our data and telephone cabling services.

Moving your business can be a pain. You may only be relocating 2 floors up, upsizing or downsizing. Or you may be moving somewhere completely new. 

However, the server rooms a mess. The cabling is all over the place (or perhaps there’s none at all!) and there’s not enough network outlets for your ever-expanding team.

Never fear. We’ll help have your business network up and running in no time. Built to your needs, installed to suit you and delivered to your budget.

Our data and telephone cabling services include

You’ll receive a tailored quote for a cabling solution that works for your business
Dedicated Project Manager - Working with you to get the solution that works best
You’re working with a team that has installed 250+ data cabling projects within the last five years.
All Types of Voice & Data Projects undertaken
You’ll be working with pre & post-migration data network specialists.
A 25 year Excel manufacturer cabling warranty¹
Cat 5, Cat 6 & Fibre Optic Cabling installations
Designed to support any potential upgrades and business growth

¹Excel Manufacturers warranty is subject to installation taking place in a suitable installation environment. More information can be found here, and application for warranty is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Option to work out of hours to avoid disruption to your working day
If you have more than one location - you’ll have peace of mind that we offer single and multi-story projects - all at cost-effective prices.
Documentation upon completion of project

What are the benefits of upgrading your data and telephone cabling?

Boosts performance of your office network, enhancing business productivity
You'll avoid the cost of downtime to the business
You’re future proofing your business with cabling backed by a 25 year guarantee
Spend less time on 'maintaining ' your network and more time 'doing' business critical work
before and after office cabling network installation with techcare

An example of our data cabling installation service.
Before TechCare (Above left) and after TechCare (Above right)

Why should you work with us?

We've installed over 250 IT networks (and counting!) in the past 5 years
Trust us to TechCare of it. Our team have over 20 years installation experience
Experts in Office and Warehouse Environments. If you're office is moving floors or completely relocating, we have the experience and know-how to help
We can install hardwired and wireless access points - both internally and externally
Tidy Workmanship - We can tie and hide cabling both internally and externally
We ensure health and safety compliance
network outlet installation in an office

Our Enquiry Process

Arrange A Call Back

Complete the form and one of our experts will be in touch ASAP

Understanding Requirements

We'll have a chat about your needs and find a solution that suits you

Site Survey & Quote

We'll arrange for one of our specialists to visit and scope the project and quote accordingly.

Hassle Free Installation

Our engineers have extensive experience to make the installation process as smooth as possible for you


Project Completion

We'll leave the job tidy and provide you with the relevant paperwork upon completion.

What our customers say…

“I cannot praise TechCare enough. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and seamless.

The team on the day did a fantastic job, worked within our requirements and were very tidy.

They communicated well with us and were understanding when I didn’t have the technical answers and were patient whilst I tried to find out.”

Zaina Ishaq, Carwow Community Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need network installation support to create additional bandwidth requirements of new IT systems/other connected services. Is this something you can assist with?
Absolutely. TechCare can install a network that supports 1Gbps or 10Gbps over Copper and up-to 100Gbps over fibre.

These enhancements can improve the performance of IT systems and provide end-users with enhanced productivity.

Our business is suffering operational disruption due to an unreliable network. What can you do to help us resolve this?
TechCare can carry out a certification test to identify any problems on your network cabling system.

If repairs, replacements and upgrades are required, then our expert team can carry out the services needed as part of a fully managed network installation support package.

Remedial works can remove unwanted outages, improve all stakeholders’ experience, and increase productivity positively for the organisation.

We're moving to new premises with no network, can you help us set up a suitable solution for our business?
TechCare can design and develop a network installation to meet your requirements. We can provide a 360° solution that includes WAN connectivity, switching, routing, Wi-Fi, telephony and end-user equipment.

This type of service can speed up deployment and reduce the amount of time required by clients to manage the project or deal with multiple contractors.

Our business is scaling, and we need additional connectivity capacity to accommodate other staff, plant and IT equipment. Is this something you offer?
TechCare can install additional network outlets into existing network infrastructures, whether that be in retro-fit environments (finished buildings) or as part of building adaptations or premises growth.

We can quickly provide cabled or Wi-Fi connectivity to enable connectivity to network resources for your people or equipment.

Can you help us to identify a network fault?
Starting with the physical layer, TechCare can carry out a test using a Fluke DSX 5000 certification tester. This tester will output test results to meet several different testing standards.

With this information, we can identify faults or prove the reliability and performance characteristics of a whole network cabling system or a selection of specified cables.

Proving the physical network performance can help you narrow down your search for problems at other layers of the network.

We don't have the resources internally to manage our Network Installation project. Can you work alongside us or as an extension of our team?
We work with many IT leaders and executives that don’t have the internal capabilities to design and install a network to the required standards. This is often the case as network projects may be infrequent, and having resource on-hand to carry out these works wouldn’t be financially viable.

Working with TechCare, we act as an extension to your team, providing you with the expertise required, when it’s needed.

I don't want to deal with multiple contractors or have to manage the project. Can you provide a 360° network installation solution for our business?
Yes. We understand, your time is better spent on business as usual items and strategic objectives.

We have experience and capability to provide a fully managed network installation service, including design, install, switching, routing, WAN, IP CCTV, server installation, voice, videoconferencing and migration of end-user devices.

We have some damaged network ports that mean devices cannot connect to the network in these areas. Can you fix them?
TechCare carries out a range of works, from small fault rectification on single network outlets to fully managed network installation.

We can rectify problem ports to ensure that your people or devices can be connected where they need to be and you are getting the most from your network switch investment.

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