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Office 365 is one of the most efficient tools at your disposal when running a business of any size or scale. Built in part for just this purpose – as a vital aid for business owners and employees – the software is about much more than word processing. Here are a few of the key benefits which we help our customers tap into.

Work from Anywhere

Work no longer begins and ends at the office door, meaning teams must be increasingly agile to meet the changing needs of business. Staff need the reassurance of knowing there will be no drop in connectivity whether they are travelling to and from meetings, commuting to work, or working from home. Office 365 provides just this ability, allowing users to access their files wherever they happen to be at the time.

No Tech Jargon

Not everyone is a tech whiz kid, and Office 365 requires no particular specialised tech skills to get up and running. This will be great news for many staff members daunted by the prospect of new and intimidating systems and processes, making for optimum usability for all levels of confidence within your organisation.

Optimum Organisation

Office 365 helps companies organise their data, e-mails, contacts and appointments from the same space, helping to avoid data loss through accident or disorganisation. Update one item from any of your devices, and it will be updated across all of your devices – it really is that simple. This is a perfect feature for those who find themselves jotting down an idea on one device and turning it into a reality on another!

No Hidden Costs

Office 365 has an uncomplicated, transparent pricing structure, helping you to organise your budget without worrying about nasty surprises further down the line. It’s a scalable solution which will allow you to grow your coverage as you grow your business.

Safety and Security

These are trying times for businesses seeking to keep their data safe, but thankfully this is not a problem on Office 365. With a built-in security function, the software allows you to continuously update your security without ever having to slow down. The ability to securely wipe all the data from your cloud storage if needed provides additional peace of mind for the security conscious user, and with 1TB of online storage as standard, you – and your data – really are in safe hands.

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