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We provide Managed IT and professional services to accountancy firms across the UK

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Removing the stress of IT for accountants since 2012

As an accountant, you have a lot of responsibilities – many of which include managing and processing sensitive data – the last thing you want to deal with is IT.

It’s no secret that accounting can be a stressful and time-consuming profession. You’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve, but technology is working against you. With our Managed IT support tailored explicitly for accountancy firms, we remove those pain barriers and make technology work for you.

We’ll tailor our IT services to complement your business strategy and help securely put the data you need at your fingertips. Letting you focus on your customer accounts and leave the technology worries to us.

How does technology help accountancy firms?

Paperless Accounting

Paperless accounting is becoming the norm; stay ahead of your competition and embrace the change.

We understand you don’t want the stress and aggravation of this process.

Still, we can help you digitalise your business, streamline your processes and save you money over time.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting gives you live data at your fingertips.

Collect data instantaneously and offer your customers detailed monthly reports which can be fully automated and integrated into your systems.

Process Automation

Reduce human error and free up time that you usually spend on mundane tasks.

Analyse data to see strengths and weaknesses in the automation process to make improvements.

In areas – such as:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Invoicing and other financial transactions
  • Expense Management and many more

Integrating Multiple Systems

Why not create a dashboard with everything you and your customers need in one place?

Our developers can pull data from various sources and systems and create this for you.

Offer this as a white label add-on or provide it to your customers as a value-added benefit.

Cloud Computing & Storage

Cloud computing is a high-speed and scalable service with flexible costs.

Cloud computing allows your team to stay agile and will enable you to keep your data secure and backed up in the cloud.

If your team works remotely or on a hybrid basis, having access to the cloud for secure file storage can provide greater flexibility.

Cyber Security

Data breaches can damage both your and your customer’s reputation.

Implementing the right tools to guard against fraudulent transactions gives your customer the confidence that their financial data is secure with you.

Having the right cyber security strategy to help you with ACCA compliance will enable you to sleep easy, knowing that your data is safe.

What our customers say…

“TechCare has been an important partner in the creation and growth phase of our business.

Their professionalism and dedication to understanding our business goals have been instrumental to the success that we have enjoyed.”

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You’ll love working with us

Based in Rugeley, Staffordshire, we are well placed to provide IT services to construction companies locally and nationally.

From Aberdeen to the south coast, our team of experts are available to help you make strategic technology decisions and support your business growth.

We can provide consultancy, implementation and support services.

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