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A new approach to Meraki Firmware Management

4th August 2017

Cisco Meraki have just rolled out their new firmware updating processes, in a move which will impact all devices using this tech. Here’s what you need to know:
IT Management Made Simple
Cisco Meraki are market leaders in making complex IT solutions simple and accessible. This emphasis upon simplifying IT has now extended to the way firmware is managed. It strikes a core balance between automation and end-point control to ensure the reliability and reassurance of knowing all devices are capable of attaining all the latest updates and upgrades, including:

Attaining this critical balance can prove complicated alongside providing heightened levels of visibility and flexibility, but Meraki have achieved this with their recent advances in how firmware is managed via the Cisco Meraki dashboard. A host of new tools and processes provide a critical new visibility, powering an emphasis upon self-sufficiency amongst administrators without compromising the consistency and reliability of the existing update function.
Transparent Firmware Upgrades
Meraki have achieved their changes to the upgrade process via updating the Firmware Updates page, viewable on the Cisco Meraki dashboard. To access the new page, users should head to the Overview tab where they will find lots of information (including a list of recent upgrades, pending upgrades and approved stable version of relevant hardware products). Firmware versions are viewable via this new tool which includes in-depth information not only on different firmware adaptations, but also comprehensive and detailed ‘patch’ notes accompanying each and every updated version. This represents a real win for transparency, as customers can now check precisely what has been changed in each new update.
Rolling Back the Update Clock
Another significant change with Meraki’s latest update is the capacity to change your most recent upgrade to an earlier version from the upgrades list as long as this is done within 14-days of the upgrade in question. Administrators are therefore able to take more control over what firmware they adopt and additionally, enabled to respond quickly and vigorously to operational issues as a result of new firmware applications across all devices used in the deployment.
Self-Initiating Upgrades
A click on ‘all networks’ gives administrators access to a searchable list of dashboard networks and their individual firmware status, as well as options to upgrade each of these networks as required. This move is the biggest change in the way firmware is updated; administrators are now enabled to perform beta upgrades themselves without the need to contact Cisco Meraki’s support team. This represents a bold step in restoring control to customers, with the intent of making firmware more accessible for users everywhere in the world.
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Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy – Cisco Meraki

29th June 2017

TechCare is a trusted partner of Cisco Meraki, the top-of-the-range cloud-managed IT system. We’re on hand to take care of all your delivery and support needs should you wish to try before you buy Cisco Meraki. The options include:
Cloud Managed Wireless
With swift deployment and simple administration, the completely cloud-managed wireless system from Cisco Meraki provides unmatched network insights and visibility for greater control over your entire system.
Cloud Managed Security Solutions
Safe, fast security solutions are achievable from a single box with Cisco Meraki’s comprehensive software, protecting against even the most troublesome problems and cutting edge security vulnerabilities within your network. The intuitive management system and clear dashboard controls make this software available to you anytime and anywhere.
Cloud Managed Switches
The simple and powerful Cisco Meraki switch system combines robust performance with optimum user-friendliness and straightforward troubleshooting.
Cloud Managed Communications                                            
This easy to use communications tool is simple to deploy, configure and manage, as well as integrating seamlessly with the rest of your network. As with all of Cisco Meraki’s software, it is 100% cloud managed for absolute control over all aspects of your system.
Cloud Managed Mobility Management
Helping businesses to control thousands of different mobile and desktop devices from the secure base of the Meraki dashboard helps you to drive your organisation forward, with automated security policies as standard. Fully customisable to suit the needs of your unique business, this network management tool allows for comprehensive management of every connected device, and a seamless user enrolment system which is infinitely traceable.
Cloud Managed Security Cameras
By trialling Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based security systems, you gain ultimate control over your surveillance materials, with the ability to view fully-customisable video walls no matter your domestic location from the reliable Meraki dashboard. Perfect for both local and remote streaming and with responsive automatic network detection which helps to save bandwidth and provide uninterrupted viewing.
Free Trial via TechCare
During your Cisco Meraki trial, you can sample one of their fantastic, scalable cloud solutions suited to small sites or million user deployments depending on your individual needs. With the option to manage your entire IT infrastructure from one cloud-based dashboard, Cisco Meraki requires no software installation or special maintenance as everything is controlled from a secure cloud-based network. If you’re not impressed and don’t want to carry on after your trial, simply send everything back with no obligation. Contact the TechCare team to find out more.