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Managed Services Provider

6 ways a Managed Services Provider can help your Business

12th December 2019

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) provides IT services to clients as part of a contractual agreement. This agreement is usually supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

As part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) the Managed Services Provider agrees to provide IT support within certain response and resolution times. The response and resolution times are based on the priority of the incident. Priority is usually defined by a matrix considering the incident impact and urgency.

In most cases the Managed Service Provider will also provide proactive management and maintenance of systems by monitoring status and using resources to ensure operational availability and systems uptime.

Here are 6 ways that a Managed Services Provider can help your business:

1 – A Managed Services Provider can offer Affordable IT support for Small Business

A Managed Services Provider can help small businesses grow by providing resources that help implement and support Technology.

Small businesses can get access to the resources they need without having to commit to permanent staff. Managed Services Providers offer fully inclusive services for an affordable monthly fee.

2 – Holiday Cover for your IT Professionals

Some small or medium sized businesses may already employ an IT professional. Managed Services Providers can offer a holiday cover service where they provide IT resource to cover absence.

3 – Support Business Growth

When a business is experiencing growth additional IT resource may be required.

Managed Services Providers can often provide ‘top-up’ support. An IT manager employed in the business may be required to act in a operational role closer to the executives. In this situation there may be a requirement for a Managed Services Provider to cover the technical requirements.

4 – Reduce operational costs

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider can be a great way to reduce overheads.

With an MSP you only pay for what you need.

Ensure you agree your business objectives and expectations at the discovery stage. Once defined you can benefit from a service that’s all-inclusive at a transparent monthly price.

Costs associated with holidays, sickness, training, compliance and equipment can all be removed by working with a MSP.

5 – Achieve Compliance

Most Managed Services Providers will have previously worked with clients like you.

They will understand the needs from a compliance perspective, especially if they are specialists in your industry.

Using their understanding and resources they can often help you tick off many of the more technical and security requirements of compliance.

You will get help with quality systems such as ISO, Cyber Essentials, Insurance Compliance and other industry specific frameworks.

6 – Improve Productivity

A Managed Services Provider enables you and your team to focus on the main objectives of your business.

Leave the MSP to ensure your systems are performing well, secure and reliable.

Let your staff know that they have a responsive partner to help quickly with IT issues.

A professional Managed Service Provider should act as an enabler to your business by improving productivity in your business.

Choosing a professional Managed Services Provider can empower your team and help achieve business growth in a scalable affordable way.

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What are the top 5 reasons to call the IT helpdesk?

17th August 2017

Helpdesks are invaluable, especially as the world gets more technology-based but employees broadly stay the same in terms of IT knowledge. The average employee has to deal with password issues, error messages, file format issues, and clients with similar problems almost every day. So what are the top 5 reasons to call the IT helpdesk?

Passwords are everywhere, and work computer logins are no exception. If a user experiences a hurdle first thing when trying to get to their desktop or their email, it can be more than a slight headache—it could be a big worry, especially if they were hoping to get in early and complete an important piece of work before the rest of the office chatters their way inside. Thankfully, because most IT helpdesks deal with this issue dozens of times a day, it’s generally an easy fix. The employee may have left caps lock on, the keyboard might have become unplugged, or the server is waking up to Monday just like everyone else.

Sometimes, sensitive keyboards are great—touch-typing can be achieved without the clickity-clack of a mechanical keyboard. However, it’s all too easy to tap the wrong key and send your file apparently hurtling off into the void. Is it gone completely? That’s something for your IT professional to figure out—but generally it’s hard to make anything disappear completely from a computer.

Unfortunately, IT helpdesks have no control over when upgrades appear. It’s a good idea to install them as soon as possible, though. They’re generally popping up because something like a software security flaw has been patched or a new file format needs to be supported.

Most good IT helpdesks will be able to tell you how to connect to the network with an ethernet cable while they investigate the problem. It could be an issue with your machine, or it could even be an issue with an overloaded Wi-Fi connection, unable to cope with the amount of people using it. The IT helpdesk will need employee cooperation to make sure everything’s okay.

Everything is password-protected nowadays, and because people are only human they can and will forget them. Any IT helpdesk worth their salt knows this happens sometimes—it’s a common request and one they’ll be happy to help with.
TechCare’s intelligent IT support services can help your business and its staff stay operational. Contact us to find out more about what we do and how we can make a difference to your team.

IT strategy

Signs your Business Needs to Outsource its IT Support Function

10th August 2017

Running a business comes with many vital functions which must either be handled by specialist in-house staff, or outsourced to trusted professionals. Whatever your size of company, outsourcing can be a great option – here’s a few signs your business needs to start considering it carefully…
You want to keep up to date
If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded your machines or processes, then it could be time to outsource. Comprehensive IT support will include the necessary expertise to help you make the right choices about any new technology purchases or leasing moving forward- as well as helping to ensure you get the right kit for your requirements at the right price.
You have no IT strategy in place
Just as you strategize other core areas of your business, so it should be with a good IT department.  Having a clear understanding of how to respond to technological change in a way which benefits your company is core to keeping up with the competition and helping you to function at your greatest ability, consistently. By outsourcing your IT support, any in-house IT staff are freed to put together plans and strategies which will keep your business at the forefront of tech.
You’re worried about data safety
Ensuring your data is protected by the right software is key amongst the reasons why you might be considering outsourcing your IT. Companies specialising in this area will have already helped clients to ensure their software updates are carried out properly and at a time which does not interfere with their core business operations; a capability which is lacking in some in-house IT departments.
You want value added services
Even if your current IT arrangements are ticking along without any notable problems, that certainly doesn’t mean they’re performing at their optimum levels. If the worst should happen, are you prepared to deal with it? Outsourced IT support could be able to suggest cloud solutions and a range of other affordable ways of safeguarding your company’s operations in the event of a crisis.
You want to boost productivity
Keeping all technological expertise in-house is not necessarily the best idea for fuelling true productivity which leads to company growth; outsourcing your IT support can open up a world of different solutions for teamwork both within and outside of your company premises, ensuring long-term success is within reach.
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