Julie Roper, Office Coordinator

Mar 29, 2021

Find out more about Julie’s role at TechCare!

Every so often at TechCare we like to catch up with members of the team and find out a little about their role, what they do every day and what they like about TechCare. Here, we speak to Julie Roper, TechCare’s Office Coordinator, who has just celebrated her fourth anniversary of working with us and is integral to the smooth running of the business. 

What attracted you to the company? 

I was actually approached by an ex-director who used to work here and was a friend of a friend. I’d been off work for 12 months taking care of my grandchildren, and I was looking for a local, part-time role. He heard about me and got in touch! 

Fabulous! Can you tell us a little about your role? 

My role is pretty varied and very busy. I set up jobs on CloudFlow (our CRM system), then follow them through until they’re completed, when I then invoice the customer for them. During the middle of the month, I send out all the invoices to the customers who have monthly support and any services from us, which takes up quite a lot of my time. I also have to check that the services are the same as what they were charged for the previous month. I also raise purchase orders, monitor the mileage of the vans, send out statements for overdue invoices and follow them up with phone calls, as well as dealing with general email enquiries. 

What’s your favourite aspect of working at TechCare? 

To be honest, I enjoy everything about it. But I think I get the most satisfaction when we receive a payment because that obviously underpins the business. Setting up the job, sending the invoice, and finally receiving the payment, it’s a really satisfying process. 

Can you sum up your job at TechCare in three words? 

Enjoyable but frustrating! I don’t mean that negatively, the frustrating part simply relates to when you’re chasing a client for payment and they sometimes take their time in coming back to you. That can be a little frustrating. 

How would your TechCare colleagues describe you? 

I would hope they’d say I was helpful, efficient, approachable, friendly and sometimes annoying if I’ve been chasing them for something!  

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