Why use Amazon web services to host your application?

Oct 5, 2017

Amazon web services (AWS) is the Cloud facility that took the data storage world by storm when it first came on the scene in 2006. AWS saw rapid growth and drew a host of famous clients including Spotify, Shazam and Shell to use its facilities, but why?

There are multiple reasons why Amazon web services has become so popular and attracted hordes of small, medium and large-scale companies to fulfil their data storage needs, but two factors in particular have enabled AWS to become a giant in the data storage industry: safety and affordability.


Many of AWS’s clients are drawn to using its services for the simple reason of security. Amazon’s cloud computing unit turned over a whopping $12bn in 2016 and can therefore spend vast amounts on security technology and certainly much more than 99% of its users can themselves. This massive investment is a huge draw for companies wanting to keep their Cloud data safe and creates a cycle which in turn keeps AWS’s profits rising with the more clients they pull in and, therefore, more spending on security.

This is especially important with the looming shadow of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) approaching ever closer, as companies will be warier than ever about the risk of personal data in their possession being wrongly accessed and incurring a huge fine. It’s certain that a massive entity such as AWS will be up to date with GDPR protocol and continue to be a safe place to store data, making it a secure choice for the future for all businesses.

Pay as you go

Another huge benefit of AWS, especially for smaller businesses, is its affordability. AWS utilizes a pay-as-you go system that only charges for the services rendered rather than forcing companies to go with an expensive plan that makes them pay for add-ons that they may not want or need.
AWS will bill companies by the hour for their computing capacity, with this flexibility meaning that companies can rest assured knowing that if they require the extra computing power during busy times, they can have it at a fair price and don’t have the worry of their systems crashing thanks to the A-la-carte nature of AWS’s Cloud storage.

It’s a fantastic pricing model and an extremely attractive option for start-ups looking to get things moving quickly without having to shell out hefty up-front payments before their business is even on its legs yet.
Give us a call today and learn how Techcare’s cloud solutions today and see how we can work hand in hand with AWS to give your business the perfect start.


Give us a call today and learn how Techcare’s cloud solutions today and see how we can work hand in hand with AWS to give your business the perfect start.