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Our Sustainability Promise: A Greener Future with Every IT Support Ticket


Emily Keeling

Marketing Manager

Techcare is taking a bold step towards a more sustainable future with their latest initiative, a partnership with Switch2Zero. This innovative program seeks to actively combat environmental challenges by planting trees and removing ocean waste, turning everyday IT support into a force for good.

Under the new sustainability promise, Techcare will plant up to 125 trees per month for every IT support ticket they successfully close. This move signifies a tangible effort to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to reforestation efforts.

"We believe that businesses have a responsibility to go beyond words and into action when it comes to environmental conservation," said Oliver Aleksejuk, Managing Director of Techcare. "Our new sustainability promise represents a genuine commitment to a greener future, making every IT support interaction count towards a more sustainable planet."

Switch2Zero is a well-known sustainability organisation that specialises in reforestation projects and ocean waste removal. Through this partnership, Techcare aims to support both the environment and communities affected by deforestation.

In addition to tree planting, Techcare has vowed to remove one kilogram of ocean waste for every customer satisfaction response received. This initiative not only addresses the global issue of marine pollution but also encourages customers to provide feedback to participate in making a positive environmental impact.

"We wanted to ensure that our sustainability promise is not just a pledge or empty promise but something our customers and the environment can directly benefit from," said Oliver. "By removing ocean waste and planting trees, we are turning our daily operations into a force for positive change."

The sustainability promise is set to have a significant impact on both the environment and Techcare's customers. It represents a concrete step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly IT support industry, encouraging other tech companies to follow suit. By converting IT support tickets into trees and ocean waste removal, Techcare is proving that small actions can lead to substantial positive outcomes for our planet.