Able. Agile. Dedicated.

We use technology to help your business grow.

We help you harness the power of today’s technology to enhance productivity, boost efficiency and save money across the board. 

From digital transformation consultancy services, to working with your existing IT team and network installations, we support and enhance your IT strategy to meet you business objectives.

Streamline your operations. Reduce your operating costs. Set your business up for growth.

By partnering with TechCare, you get access to our team of highly-skilled, dependable and experienced technicians, who all share the aim of simplifying the life of our clients - leaving you to be entirely focussed on your strategic objectives.

We act as an extension of your team, and our core competencies span IT support, Cloud adoption and migration, AV, CCTV, Software Development and more.

Suppose you need a more specialised support system. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know we also work with proficient, trusted consultants who are specially selected to assist with peer-level support requirements.

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What Can TechCare Offer You?

Managed IT Services
Network Installations

Avoid costly network downtime with TechCare’s extensive network infrastructure knowledge and skills. From switching and routing installation and configuration to IP CCTV installation and commissioning, including setup and training, we can help to keep your business connected, always communicating and continuously growing.

Disaster Recovery & Backup
Sometimes IT disasters strike, but with TechCare’s recovery and backup services you can rest assured that the effects will be minimised and your business will be back up and running quickly, with minimal inconvenience and loss to your business.
Voice & Video Conferencing
Face-to-face meetings are no longer the only way to do business, as remote-working becomes increasingly common. Our agile solutions in terms of voice and video conferencing keep you connected even when you’re apart. 
Cloud Adoption
Infrastructure Support
Cyber Security

With a 1 in 2 chance of an SME being the victim of a cybersecurity breach, having a robust online security structure in place is critical. TechCare’s cybersecurity support service – TechSecure – offers a range of comprehensive monthly managed cybersecurity packages to suit all sized businesses, defending you from every angle and keeping you secure and compliant at all times.

Projects & Consultancy
Whether you need total IT project management or simply an expert to refer to now and again, we can provide you with the level of support you and your business needs to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology in today’s IT-led world.
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Our Team

The TechCare team is comprised of dedicated, passionate and exceptionally skilled technology professionals who care deeply about the work we do and the relationships we develop with our clients.

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Our Services

We're here to help you across your whole technology landscape. From complete outsourced IT support and management packages, to a more consultancy-led approach, we are here to make sure your IT and technology needs are fully covered in line with your business needs and objectives.

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Our Values

Our values are ingrained into everything we do, from the management of our clients, the relationships we develop and the culture here at TechCare too.

Care, Trust, Empathy, Ambition and Innovation. These are the values which shape our business and our culture.

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Why Work With Us

We offer a complete outsourced IT partnership so that you can leave your business’s technology needs to us. Get on with the vital day-to-day running of your business knowing your technology is left in safe hands.

TechCare provides:

In an increasingly IT-centred world, TechCare can offer your and your business the tech support you need to keep up, get ahead and succeed.

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What our clients say…

Managing Director ~ Crown Highways

Managing Director ~ Crown Highways

"TechCare is a professional, tidy, creditable organisation providing our IT services. Whenever you talk to anybody on the phone, they always know what they’re doing. They’re all competent in the service that they deliver, and the products they provide are always of a high standard. I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you chose them to provide your IT support."

Zaina Ishaq - Carwow Community Manager

Zaina Ishaq - Carwow Community Manager

"I cannot praise TechCare enough. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and seamless. The team on the day did a fantastic job, worked within our requirements and were very tidy. They communicated well with us and were understanding when I didn’t have the technical answers and were patient whilst I tried to find out."

Managing Director ~ Kitchen Depot

Managing Director ~ Kitchen Depot

"Their managed support service, which includes proactive maintenance and reactive support, has proved every bit as good as the initial outfit. Any of our team can call any time for advice, and nothing is ever too much trouble."

Practice Manager ~ Crown Bank Dental

Practice Manager ~ Crown Bank Dental

"“TechCare has been a driving force behind our journey to success here at Crown Bank Dental. Their comprehensive solution revamped our outdated technology, complimenting our revitalised approach to patient care. With their expert guidance, we’ve achieved seamless connectivity, streamlined processes, and a newfound peace of mind knowing that our IT needs are in capable hands. TechCare’s ongoing support has helped to pave the way for our success.""

Managing Director ~ Ashby Facilities

Managing Director ~ Ashby Facilities

"TechCare has been an important partner in the creation and growth phase of our business. Their professionalism and dedication to understanding our business goals have been instrumental to the success that we have enjoyed."

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