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Top 10 SharePoint Tips for Productivity


Emily Keeling

Posted Jun 24, 2024

SharePoint is a fantastic tool for businesses, offering a robust platform for collaboration, document management, and communication. To get the most out of SharePoint, it's crucial to use its features effectively. Here are our top ten SharePoint tips.


  1. Organise with Document Libraries

Using document libraries instead of traditional file shares makes it easier to manage files. Document libraries let you categorise, tag, and sort files, making them easier to find. Plus, you can set permissions to control who can view or edit documents, ensuring sensitive information is secure.

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  1. Add Metadata for Better Organisation

Metadata is a powerful tool in SharePoint. Adding metadata like project names, departments, or deadlines to documents makes searching and sorting a breeze. This helps you quickly find the documents you need without digging through folders.


  1. Automate Workflows

Automating workflows with Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) can save a ton of time on routine tasks. Create workflows for document approvals, notifications, and updates to streamline your processes. Automation helps ensure tasks are completed consistently and on time.


  1. Optimise Search Functions

Take advantage of SharePoint’s robust search capabilities. Customise your search settings to prioritise relevant content and promote frequently used documents or sites. Effective search settings help you find what you need quickly, boosting productivity.


  1. Customise Your SharePoint Sites

Customise SharePoint sites to fit your team’s needs. Use web parts to display relevant information like calendars, tasks, or news feeds on your homepage. A well-organised site improves navigation and helps users find important information quickly.


  1. Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Teams centralises communication and collaboration. Add SharePoint document libraries as tabs in Teams channels for easy access to files. This integration keeps your team connected and your files at your fingertips.


  1. Manage Permissions Effectively

Managing permissions is key to keeping your SharePoint environment secure. Use SharePoint groups to handle permissions efficiently. Assign permissions at the group level instead of individual users to simplify management. Regularly review permissions to ensure users have appropriate access levels.


  1. Take Advantage of Mobile Access

The SharePoint mobile app lets you access documents, collaborate, and stay updated on the go. This flexibility is great for remote or mobile workers. Just ensure you have mobile device management (MDM) in place to enforce security policies on devices accessing SharePoint.


  1. Educate and Train Users

Regular training helps users get the most out of SharePoint. Conduct sessions to familiarise users with SharePoint’s features and best practices. Educated users can navigate SharePoint more efficiently and follow security protocols to keep data safe.


  1. Monitor and Optimise Performance

Use SharePoint’s analytics and reporting tools to monitor site usage and performance. Identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement and address them promptly. Monitoring also helps you spot unusual activities, like unauthorised access attempts, so you can enhance your security measures.


By implementing these tips, you can maximise your productivity and ensure your SharePoint environment remains secure. SharePoint's extensive features, when used effectively, can transform the way your team collaborates and manages information, driving efficiency and safeguarding sensitive data.