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Taking Care of Your Company’s Cyber Security

Providing Cyber Security Services & Solutions for SME’s

Your business is growing. With the increase in business comes the responsibility of ensuring both your data and that of your clients is kept secure. You’re a growing SME and your confident that data breaches only happen to large businesses. Don’t they?

As many SMEs fail to invest in cyber security, cybercriminals assume your company is an easy target. Mitigate this risk and speak to a team that can provide the right cyber security services and solutions for your business.

Internal Threats are Your Business’s Biggest Risk

You may have only considered protecting your business from external cyber-attacks. But the biggest threat to your company comes from the inside. 74% Of all cyber incidents happen from inside a company, so it’s essential that you have a cyber security solution that works for you.

You can trust that we will:

  • Review and understand your security strengths/weaknesses
  • Work with you to create a security strategy to protect your business
  • Provide you with the latest security products to protect your brand and reputation
  • Ensure your employees undertake cyber security training, helping to keep your team safe.
  • Assist with free consultation, assessment, and recommendations to meet cyber essentials certification

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From cybercrime syndicates and intellectual property theft to phishing and bot networks, many security threats to your business are caused unintentionally or maliciously by your employees.

And with UK SMEs falling foul of a cyberattack every 19 seconds, it’s never been more critical to remove weaknesses. And make sure your company stays secure from both external and internal threats.

Your package is a comprehensive monthly managed cyber security solution tailored for your business. From basic security to more advanced remediation plans, you can choose a solution suitable to your needs. One that offers you business continuity, protects against data loss and mitigates risk.

Complete Cyber Security Protection for Your Business

Defending You from Every Angle

You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your company’s protected from both external and internal threats.

Our fully managed service offers traditional practices and cyber security protection that defends your business from all angles. These include:

  • Firewall Management
  • Software Updates
  • Staff Training
  • Patching
  • Anti-virus protection

Your complete cyber security protection will expose any threats coming from both internal and external sources. Your cyber solution focuses on managing your entire network’s vulnerabilities, so you can focus on driving your business.

Keeping You Secure & Compliant

If you hold personal data, your network is much more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. No organisation wants to be held to ransom like the NHS was over the WannaCry attack. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states it’s your responsibility to keep your data safe. Make sure you have solid security measures in place to monitor suspicious activity such as:

  • Unauthorised logins and out-of-hours usage.
  • Newly added network devices.
  • Unauthorised wireless connections.

Our team will quickly detect any suspicious activity and neutralise the threat. Helping you keep your company secure and cyber compliant.

Your Inner Strength

Using non-invasive scanning technology, mathematical modeling, and pattern recognition, we’ll keep an eye on your immediate and extended network from its very core. And monitor it around the clock.

Don’t let any suspicious activity interfere with the running of your business. With a constantly monitored network, you can feel safe knowing that critical security flaws, internal or external risks have been dealt with before they become a problem.

Wiping Out Your Network’s Weak Spots

Any security issue or network weakness will be detected, reviewed and dealt with by our triage team.

If the security issue is severe and poses an urgent threat, our cyber security experts will cure it immediately. For less critical incidents, such as unusual user activity, you’ll be contacted and offered recommendations before taking any corrective action.

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