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Techcare provides IT support and cyber services to MonsterPlumb

Case Studies

Emily Keeling

Posted Apr 4, 2024


With a wealth of expertise spanning over five decades in the plumbing and heating sector, MonsterPlumb is committed to delivering top-notch products at highly competitive rates. As a forward-thinking organisation, their primary objective is to provide their clientele with an extensive array of the most up-to-date offerings from industry-leading brands.

MonsterPlumb places a strong emphasis on ensuring an exceptional customer experience. They are dedicated to making the entire process, from the first interaction with their website to the receipt of ordered items, straightforward, informative, and efficient for their customers. Online communication isn’t for everyone, so there’s a team of seasoned professionals ready to speak to for guidance and support.


The relationship between Techcare and MonsterPlumb began when MonsterPlumb required network infrastructure improvements. Previously, they were at an office that was unsuitable for the size of the company and number of staff. Their new building needed to be kitted out with updated networks, with a focus on wireless connectivity in the warehouse for scanners and PDA.

MonsterPlumb’s email service was hosted on a legacy email system, which was holding them back due to its incompatibility with newer technology. They needed some further updates to bring them up to date.


Techcare began by upgrading MonsterPlumb’s networks, introducing wireless connectivity across the site. Leased lines were then put in, as well as a broadband backup solution to work around the move-in date. MonsterPlumb had temporarily paused orders during the move, which gave Techcare a small window to work within. Techcare facilitated the move, ensuring MonsterPlumb still had access to everything. We also installed WatchGuard and best practice security during the move, to give peace of mind and an extra layer of security.

Due to the email service on the legacy email system, we then carried out migration works for their email accounts once they’d settled into their new office. This opened up the possibility of working with newer services and technologies. As part of this project, Techcare also implemented Azure Active Directory services for device logon and permission control. User files were also migrated to OneDrive, and shared files were migrated to SharePoint to aid with collaboration, security, and efficiency.

Techcare have also done a lot of work with other partnerships regarding warehouse management and couriers to upgrade other infrastructure and machines within the new office location.


Following the network infrastructure improvements, email and file migrations, and cybersecurity implementations, MonsterPlumb witnessed several benefits. Processes were streamlined and made more efficient which in turn saves time and money. The new building functions a lot better too, due to the improved connectivity and modern infrastructure. The on-going end point protection will keep MonsterPlumb’s defence strong in the ever-changing world of cybercrime, providing much appreciated peace of mind.

Everything implemented on this project was cloud-based. This means that data backup and recovery is more successful, data can be accessed remotely, collaboration is second-nature, updates are automatically carried out, and the systems are generally more scalable and flexible. Cloud-based storage is the gift that keeps on giving, and will ensure they have reliable systems that are future-proof.

“Techcare have been excellent to work with, and the systems they have provided us with are enabling us to meet our plans for current and future growth. A great success.” - Duncan Weaver, Owner