Are you ready for a cyber attack?


Safeguard your reputation by keeping your business and customer data secure.

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Why Techcare?

No business is the same, so why do technology solutions come in restrictive packages? Each and every one of our customers has a different, unique set of services that are tailored to their needs. Why pay for something you’re not going to use, and why miss out on something your business needs?

The key to effective cybersecurity is proactivity. On average, it takes just 64 minutes for a cyberattack to happen from start to finish. 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and protection is essential.

That’s where we can help.

Cybersecurity is at our core.

Providing Cyber Security Services & Solutions for SMEs

Your business is growing. With the increase in business comes the responsibility of ensuring both your data and that of your clients is kept secure. You’re a growing SME and you're confident that data breaches only happen to global corporations. Don’t they?

As many SMEs fail to invest in cyber security, cybercriminals assume your company is an easy target. Mitigate this risk and speak to a team that can provide the right cybersecurity services and solutions for your business.

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We protect from every angle

Your users are your biggest weakness against cybercriminals. Phishing attacks and weak passwords put your cybersecurity into your users’ hands, making unauthorised access a real threat. User training is essential for protecting your data, this is where our KnowBe4 partnership comes in.

Our endpoint security solutions ensure every device is protected. From anti-virus software to vulnerability patching, we prevent data loss and keep your business safe.

Physical security is often forgotten when talking about cybersecurity, but the solutions are straightforward. VPNs keep your connections private, and CCTV provides round-the-clock monitoring. Restricted access ensures insider threats are minimised too.

Nowadays, it’s easy to stray onto untrustworthy websites. Criminals are getting more intelligent, and pop-ups can easily be clicked on smaller, mobile devices. We prevent unauthorised access with Firewalls and secure remote resources with site to site connections.

We take a zero trust approach across our cybersecurity services, but its especially important across cloud security. Insecure APIs and website hosting can threaten masses of data, and incorrect permissions can open files up to users who shouldn’t have access.

Are you ready for a cyberattack?

Cyberattacks are only getting more sophisticated, so businesses must be prepared. How ready are you? What measures do you have in place to detract attackers and keep them at bay? 

You could be next, and you don’t want to leave it up to chance. Take the 2-minute survey now to see how ready your business is for a cyberattack.

Are you ready for a cyberattack?

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