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Techcare completes its Moonlight Marathon Challenge raising over £1000 for charity.


Emily Keeling

Marketing Manager

Techcare's Moonlight Marathon Challenge proved to be a testament to the team's perseverance and compassion. As the group trekked through Cannock Chase, their steadfast efforts turned into an incredible achievement, both in terms of fundraising and performance.

The awe-inspiring challenge, originally predicted to cover the daunting 26-mile distance in 12 hours, exceeded all expectations. The team's tenacity and swift strides pushed them to cross the finish line in an impressive 9 hours and 36 minutes, evidence of their determination and spirit. The team even added a little extra distance onto the route, hitting 26.99 miles at the finish line.

The impact of this brave achievement spreads far beyond the marathon trail. The generosity of Techcare's clients, partners, friends, and family has been heart-warming. With a total of £1190 raised so far, the financial support generated will make a noticeable difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges in South Staffordshire.

Every pound donated contributes to the valued efforts of the South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health. These contributions translate into real-world support: a £50 donation can pave the way for a comprehensive wellbeing self-help plan for an individual in need. A sum of £25 funds a single training session for dedicated volunteers, providing them with the tools to make a meaningful impact. Even a modest £10 donation facilitates a month's worth of crucial mobile phone support for vulnerable individuals, fostering a lifeline of connection and assistance.

Techcare's commitment to championing mental health awareness and support echoes within every stride taken during the Moonlight Marathon Challenge. This journey of teamwork, solidarity, and compassion pushed physical boundaries, and raised awareness of an imperative charity.

As the funds continue to pour in and the impact multiplies, Techcare and its supporters stand as a formidable force, driving change and supporting a community where mental health receives the attention, resources, and care it deserves. The Moonlight Marathon Challenge may have finished, but its message will echo on.

Watch Techcare’s Moonlight Marathon highlight video