Our Values

Our guiding principles that drive our culture

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We Care


We care about our employees, our clients and our suppliers. We care about how they feel, how they are treated and how we can make things better for them.

They say business isn’t personal, but for us, the relationships we build are.

Looking after those that work for us or with us, is of primary importance.


We Value Your Trust


We must trust the professional and passionate people in our business to exceed our clients expectations and protect and promote our brand.

Our clients must trust our ability as their strategic technology partner. They must trust that we will make the right decisions, always act in their best interests and provide fair exchange whilst ensuring sustainability for our own business.

We understand that Trust is not given, it must be earned.


We act with empathy


Our employees, clients and suppliers will have tough days.

We should show understanding in these situations. Try to always see things from the other persons perspective as well as your own.

Our team must always try to be as helpful as possible. Our clients and suppliers must also understand that our team deserve to be treated respectfully.


We are Driven


We expect all our employees to be driven. Driven to do the best they can for themselves, for our clients and for our business.

We promise to provide our employees with the best personal and professional development support that we can.

TechCare are driven to find new ways of providing the maximum value to our clients, improving our business and supporting our employees.


We Innovate


TechCare and it’s employees must strive to find new ways to make our business and the businesses of our clients better with technology.

We will commit to exploring new technologies, researching better ways of delivering service and constantly improving our processes to ensure that we seek improvement through innovation.