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Why every company needs managed email signatures - even small businesses


Emily Keeling

Marketing Manager

An estimated 347.3 billion emails are sent every day, with an average of 121 emails received per person each day. That’s a lot of emails to get through.

With cyber crime on the rise, users are increasingly more conscious of phishing emails and spam. If you want your emails to be trusted, acknowledged, and more importantly, replied to, they must look professional. Email signatures are an easy way to instantly improve the appearance of emails across a whole company, making them look sleek and professional.

We’ve put together our top five reasons your business needs managed email signatures, let’s dive in!


Brand Consistency

As we mentioned above, the first benefit of managed email signatures that customers notice is the improved appearance. Emails from different employees appear unified, despite coming from different email addresses, and recipients can instantly recognise the sender’s brand. This grows brand awareness and instils trust and reassurance.


Marketing Opportunities

Managed email signatures are loved by marketing departments, as they offer a space to market towards customers, prospects and partners. Banners can be added to signatures to promote events or digital downloads, and social media icons can be added to boost social followers. Signatures are a great, low-cost way of marketing to known contacts.


Legal Compliance

To comply with regulatory requirements, emails must include legal disclaimers and compliance statements, with links to privacy statements or to unsubscribe from emails. Without managed email signatures, this would be a tedious and laborious task to carry out across a company and would no doubt result in some employees sending emails that don’t contain the necessary disclaimers. Managed email signatures enforce this, ensuring all company emails are compliant.


Saving Time and Effort

Managed email signatures mean that companies can automatically update the signatures across the whole company. For large organisations, this saves hours of time, in comparison to updating signatures for each employee manually.


Centralised Control

Control is a key theme across the benefits of managed email signatures. Companies have control over how the emails look, what information is contained, and how the signature is formatted. While some managed email signature platforms add the signature during the email drafting process, Techcare’s platform adds the signature once the email has been sent. For users, this means they don’t see the email signature while they’re typing the email – so it can’t be edited before they click send. Companies have complete control over the signature, as employees don’t have the option to make any edits.


Managed email signatures are an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way of dramatically improving how your customers, prospects, and partners view your company. Want to get started? Contact us today to discuss our managed email signature services.