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Meet our new Service Delivery Manager, Lewis Lydiard.


Emily Keeling

Marketing Manager

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Lewis Lydiard as our new Service Delivery Manager at Techcare. Lewis has been an integral part of our team for nine years, and his journey within the company is nothing short of inspiring.


A Journey of Dedication and Expertise

Lewis joined Techcare as an apprentice, showing his commitment and passion for technology from day one. Over the years, he progressed through various roles, including 1st Line Support and 2nd Line Support, and then finally, as a Project Engineer for the past three years. During this time, he has worn many hats and acquired comprehensive knowledge of virtually every aspect of our business.


A Well-Known Figure in the Techcare Community

Lewis's dedication is not limited to his technical skills. He has also cultivated strong relationships with our customers, making him a well-known and trusted face within the Techcare circle. His extensive knowledge of our technology stack, combined with his wealth of experience, positions him as the go-to person for any questions or concerns.

As the second-longest-serving employee, Lewis has been a consistent presence within Techcare, contributing to our growth and success over the years.


New Role, New Responsibilities

In his new role as Service Delivery Manager, Lewis's role will be more business focussed, rather than the technical aspects. He will be dedicated to:

  • Driving ongoing technical solution improvements and showcasing these to clients
  • Investing time in exploring the latest technology trends and promoting digital transformation
  • Nurturing customer relationships and managing accounts
  • Providing technical consultancy to address customer challenges and implementing these solutions for our customers through collaboration with the technical team
  • Internal management of our service desk personnel

The service desk team and a new hire will handle the day-to-day technical aspects, allowing Lewis to free up time for business-focused tasks.

We are confident that Lewis's leadership and wealth of experience will elevate our service delivery to new heights, ensuring that Techcare continues to excel in serving our valued customers. Please join us in congratulating Lewis on his new role!