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What is the cloud? And why do you need to use it?


Emily Keeling

Marketing Manager

The cloud represents a virtual space or environment where users can store, manage, and access data, applications, and resources without the need for local infrastructure or physical storage device. Imagine a filing cabinet or USB that you can access at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

That’s one of the key strengths of the cloud – remote accessibility. No matter your location or device, you can access any cloud-stored files. All you need is internet connection, and you can view, edit, and share your files. Of course, you’re relying on internet connection, but nowadays wi-fi access is abundant, or you can use your phone as a hotspot if you’re struggling for connection.

Alongside remote access, the files can also be accessed by anyone with permission. This allows multiple people to access and edit files at the same time – perfect for collaborating on projects or giving feedback. Quickly share files with people and view their edits in real-time. No more emailing different document versions back and forth. Cloud storage is the key to a collaborative workplace.

When storing data on the cloud, there are typically there are multiple copies of the data stored in remote servers. This makes data backup and recovery much simpler, in comparison to on-premise storage. Version history is straightforward and comes in handy when multiple people have permission to edit documents. View the history to go back in time and see the changes that have been made while you’ve been away.

Cloud-based applications and software are continuously updated with the latest features and security patches. There’s no need for manual updates, eliminating any risks from outdated software and saving the user time.

Finally, the cloud is fully bespoke and scalable. IT resources can be scaled up or down based on business needs. Users can easily add or remove storage and software licences, so its fully customisable, flexible, and cost effective.

Still haven’t moved to the cloud? Now’s the time. Up to 96% of UK businesses have migrated to the cloud, leaving 4% of businesses still using on-premise storage. Don’t be the last to migrate – your customer and competitors are using the cloud, and you need to stay up-to-date to be competitive. 

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