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Why you should get Cyber Essentials certified


Emily Keeling

Posted Jun 7, 2024

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed certification designed to help businesses protect themselves against common cyber threats. It comes in two levels: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. While Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment, Cyber Essentials Plus involves external testing for more robust assurance. Launched in 2014, this certification has helped countless businesses improve their cybersecurity posture.


Benefits of the Cyber Essentials Certification

Enhanced Security:

Cyber Essentials ensures that your business implements fundamental security measures. These measures protect against common threats such as phishing, malware, and hacking attempts. By addressing these basic vulnerabilities, your business becomes significantly less likely to fall victim to cyberattacks.


Increased Customer Trust:

In a world where data breaches are common, customers are increasingly concerned about the security of their information. Achieving Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity, helping to build trust with clients and partners. This can be a decisive factor when customers are choosing between you and your competitors.


Compliance and Legal Requirements:

Many industries have strict cybersecurity regulations. Cyber Essentials helps ensure that your business meets these standards, including GDPR and other data protection laws. This can help you avoid legal penalties and fines, giving you peace of mind that you are compliant with the latest regulations.


Competitive Advantage:

Cyber Essentials certification sets you apart from competitors who may not have invested in cybersecurity. It enhances your reputation and brand value, making your business more attractive to potential clients. In competitive bids, being certified can be the deciding factor.


Cost Savings:

Cyber insurance premiums can be a significant expense for businesses. Many insurers offer reduced premiums for companies with Cyber Essentials certification. Additionally, by preventing costly cyber incidents, you save on potential financial losses and can allocate resources more efficiently towards other business areas.


Improved Business Operations:

The process of obtaining Cyber Essentials certification helps streamline your security practices. This leads to better incident response and recovery, minimising downtime. It also increases employee awareness and training, fostering a culture of security within your organisation.


The Certification Process: 

Getting certified involves several steps. For Cyber Essentials, you complete a self-assessment questionnaire, which is then reviewed by an external certifying body. Cyber Essentials Plus requires an on-site assessment and vulnerability tests. Preparation is key—ensure your systems and policies are in line with the certification requirements.


Cyber Essentials certification offers numerous benefits, from enhanced security and increased customer trust to cost savings and competitive advantage. In today’s threat landscape, it’s a crucial step for any business serious about protecting its data and reputation. Consider taking the next step towards certification and secure your business’s future.

By investing in Cyber Essentials certification, you’re not just protecting your business; you’re also building a foundation of trust and reliability that will benefit you in the long run.


Get started on your certification journey today. Take our Cyber Essentials audit to see if you’re ready for the assessment.


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