Our top 5 reasons to call the IT helpdesk - TechCare

Aug 17, 2017

Our top 5 reasons to call the IT helpdesk - TechCare

Helpdesks are invaluable, especially as the world gets more technology-based but employees broadly stay the same in terms of IT knowledge. The average employee has to deal with password issues, error messages, file format issues, and clients with similar problems almost every day. So what are the top 5 reasons to call the IT helpdesk?

I can’t log in.

Passwords are everywhere, and work computer logins are no exception. If a user experiences a hurdle first thing when trying to get to their desktop or their email, it can be more than a slight headache—it could be a big worry, especially if they were hoping to get in early and complete an important piece of work before the rest of the office chatters their way inside. Thankfully, because most IT helpdesks deal with this issue dozens of times a day, it’s generally an easy fix. The employee may have left caps lock on, the keyboard might have become unplugged, or the server is waking up to Monday just like everyone else.

I lost a file.

Sometimes, sensitive keyboards are great—touch-typing can be achieved without the clickity-clack of a mechanical keyboard. However, it’s all too easy to tap the wrong key and send your file apparently hurtling off into the void. Is it gone completely? That’s something for your IT professional to figure out—but generally it’s hard to make anything disappear completely from a computer.

Do I have to install these upgrades?

Unfortunately, IT helpdesks have no control over when upgrades appear. It’s a good idea to install them as soon as possible, though. They’re generally popping up because something like a software security flaw has been patched or a new file format needs to be supported.

The wireless network keeps kicking me off.

Most good IT helpdesks will be able to tell you how to connect to the network with an ethernet cable while they investigate the problem. It could be an issue with your machine, or it could even be an issue with an overloaded Wi-Fi connection, unable to cope with the amount of people using it. The IT helpdesk will need employee cooperation to make sure everything’s okay.


Everything is password-protected nowadays, and because people are only human they can and will forget them. Any IT helpdesk worth their salt knows this happens sometimes—it’s a common request and one they’ll be happy to help with.

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