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Fully Managed IT support for Birmingham Businesses

Fully Managed IT support for Birmingham Businesses.

You’ve worked with a Birmingham IT support provider and have done for a few years. They’ve grown with your business over the past few years, but things have changed. You no longer feel like a valued and trusted client. Site support is poor, and the days of visiting your office to provide the customer service you enjoy are a distant memory.

We can help.

IT support services we help Birmingham companies with

You’ll love our support packages. You’re backed by a 15 strong team of IT experts giving you suitable recommendations at the right time. If you need help with specific IT Services or disaster recovery, you’ll feel supported right from the start, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

Managed IT support package includes:

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

You get unlimited helpdesk support with our managed IT services. That means you can call us Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, and we’ll help you resolve your issue.

We also offer remote support, so we can help you resolve your problem without coming to your office.

Proactive System Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your systems 24/7, and we’ll notify you if we see anything that looks like it could be a problem.

We can even resolve some issues before they cause any damage.

Patch Management Services

With our patch management services, we’ll keep your systems up to date with the latest security patches.

We can roll this out automatically or work with you to create a custom patch management plan that meets your specific needs.

Find out more about patch management and how this can help your business

User Security Training

We’ll provide the training to enable your employees learn to protect themselves and your data from online threats.

We can do this in-person, provide online training and help you create a security policy that meets your specific needs.

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

We use the latest technology to protect your systems, and we update our protection regularly to keep up with the latest threats.

Procurement Advice

We’ll help you find the best IT products and services that suit your business and what you are trying to achieve.

We can recommend specific vendors or help you create a custom procurement plan that meets your particular needs.

Asset Tracking
We can track your assets, where they are, and who is using them. We can customise an asset tracking plan that helps you manage your IT budget more efficiently and offer advice on how to implement or implement for you. Find out more about IT Asset Management and the benefits it brings to businesses like yours
Software Renewal Management

By helping you manage your software licenses and renewals, your software will be updated regularly. With the benefit of effective tracking and monitoring, this will help save money on your software costs.

Reporting and Client Portal

We also offer reporting and client portal. We’ll provide a client login so you can access your reports and invoices all in one place.

Office 365 Email Backup

We also offer office 365 email backup plans. Helping you back up your office 365 emails to the cloud in our secure server or up to your local server. This enables us restore them anytime you need them should the worst happen. 

End of Life Hardware Removal

By helping you remove your old, end of life hardware, we’ll can recycle it for you or dispose of it properly on your behalf. 

Managed Email Signatures

We can help you create a custom email signature and manage all of your email signatures for you.

We can even update your email signatures automatically by connecting to your outlook365 files, so you always have the latest information.

Find out more about our managed email signature service here

TechCare Members Discount

As a TechCare member, you’ll receive a 10% discount on selected items. That means you can save money on laptops, desktops, monitors, software and associated services.

We offer the best prices around, and we’re constantly updating our discounts to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Directors Club

Free support for up to four home devices (maximum of four across all directors) and Watchguard EPDR and Watchguard DNSWatchGo security.

You’ll love working with us.

You may have guessed our head office isn’t in Birmingham City Centre. You’ll be able to find us in the heart of Rugeley in Staffordshire, less than an hour away.

You may think we are a little far out for your liking. But our outstanding remote support and excellent response times remove the risk element. You can find the comfort we’re an hour away, and if anything ever so drastic happened, you’d have peace of mind that we’ll be on-site quickly.

You need:

  • You need results, SLA’s and agreed response times
  • To stay ahead of the competition - you’ll be the first to know about the latest products, services and upgrades
  • Your voice heard - care, trust and empathy are part of our values
  • Transparency - from pricing to support issuesNSecurity - keeping you safe is our no.1 priority

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Working with Birmingham businesses just like yours

TechCare work with mature organizations that are in a growth phase. You know you’ve grown rapidly over the past few years, and it’s time to improve IT performance and productivity with the proper support. Perhaps an HS2-related business win has led to increased computer users and the need for new IT infrastructure. The right type of support is imperative. You need TechCare.

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Our other services include:

  • Fully Managed IT Services
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Installations
  • Cyber Security
  • VOIP Services
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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