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Techcare paves the way to smiling success at Crown Bank Dental

Case Studies

Emily Keeling

Posted Apr 23, 2024

The Background

Crown Bank Dental is located in the historical Cheshire market town, Sandbach. They stand out from traditional dentists by embracing a holistic approach to dentistry - they prioritise their patients' general wellbeing and physical health while planning and delivering treatments. Apart from standard dental services, they also provide cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening, facial aesthetics, and health screenings.


The Problem

Previously, Crown Bank Dental didn’t have a managed services provider, and instead had an infrastructure partner. However, the low-quality networks were left for them to manage. To achieve their growth objectives, they needed a complete tech overhaul. Their email service relied on an outdated email server, and their internet connectivity was poor and misconfigured.


The Solution

In March 2023, Techcare began providing managed services to Crown Bank Dental and initiated standard onboarding procedures. Techcare gained a deep understanding of the business and its existing technologies, discussed migrations, network situations, and security tools, and documented business processes before handing over to the Service Desk team. During onboarding, Techcare migrated Microsoft 365 from IMAP email service, set up leased lines and anti-virus, and took over an ongoing project with OpenReach to implement a new leased line. Techcare also installed an additional back-up line, which improved resiliency.


The Outcome

After the managed service kick-off and additional network projects, Crown Bank Dental experienced improved internal network connectivity. Techcare's consultancy services, tailored to their specific needs, streamlined their processes and made their jobs more efficient. With Techcare handling their IT services, Crown Bank Dental now has peace of mind, knowing they have reliable support whenever needed. Techcare continues to provide guidance and implement improvements, such as transitioning from legacy software to cloud alternatives for their line of business apps to enhance the overall patient experience. Techcare also plans to update their phone service to a managed telephony system, keeping them technologically up to date. Techcare ensures that Crown Bank Dental remains competitive by providing ongoing advice and recommendations.

Techcare has taken the IT responsibility off Crown Bank Dental’s shoulders, providing them with the knowledge and confidence that the Techcare team is always there to help them when they need it.


“Techcare has been a driving force behind our journey to success here at Crown Bank Dental. Their comprehensive solution revamped our outdated technology, complimenting our revitalised approach to patient care. With their expert guidance, we’ve achieved seamless connectivity, streamlined processes, and a newfound peace of mind knowing that our IT needs are in capable hands. Techcare’s ongoing support has helped to pave the way for our success.” - Emma Baskeyfield, Practice Manager.