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Techcare resolves internet and phone line issues for Burntwood country pub

Case Studies

Emily Keeling

Posted Apr 23, 2024

The Client

The client is a long-standing food and drink venue on the outskirts of Burntwood. The family-run establishment offers a welcoming place to drink and catch up with friends, as well as the stunning, refurbished restaurant, which offers a fantastic choice of good, home-cooked food. When the client set up its extremely popular takeaway service in light of Covid-19, they came to us to help them fix some problems to get them on their way.

When we met, the client had some significant technical issues to navigate. Before they had to close their doors for lockdown, the owners had had no end of problems with their internet. They told us that previous suppliers had provided inadequate solutions and asked us if we could go in to assess what was needed and see how we could provide a better approach.

It transpired that there were several significant issues. The Wi-Fi wasn’t set up correctly, phone lines were faulty, and payments couldn’t be processed properly because of poor internet access. Significant cash flow problems were arising, and guest Wi-Fi wasn’t working at all, so customers were getting annoyed, not being able to access the internet. The client was also paying for a lot more BT lines than they needed and wasting money in the process. They’d also recently had a powerful internet fibre line installed that wasn’t configured correctly, or working how they wanted it to work.

The Solution

We had an initial fact-finding meeting with the client where we worked out precisely what they needed. We gathered together as much information as possible concerning the set up of the building and what issues they were facing as a business.

We went in with a plan to take the network back to square one and to cut down the lines that they were paying for that they did not need. We implemented a Ubiquiti switch, which helped with the network issues the client was having, setting up and configuring multiple Ubiquiti access points to provide hi-speed internet and guest Wi-Fi.

In addition, we also set up a guest Wi-Fi portal so that customers could log in using other platforms easily, such as Facebook and Google, to gather customer data to remarket back to.

The Outcome

“Techcare has been an invaluable source of support for our business, throughout what has been a challenging time. The team has taken our objectives, understood the issues we were facing with our IT and delivered exactly what was needed. As a result, the internet, Wi-Fi and phone line problems we were experiencing have all been resolved, meaning our day to day operations are now smoother and hassle-free, and we’ve saved time and money in the process.”

The identity of the client has been removed for data security reasons. Please contact us if you would like more information.