Need your business become GDPR compliant? We can help

Sept 21, 2017

Need your business become GDPR compliant? We can help

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming, and it’s in the interests of any business that uses the personal data of EU citizens to ensure their systems and processes are compliant with the landmark regulation before it comes into effect in May 2018. Or else what?

Companies failing to do so may incur the wrath of EU regulatory bodies wielding the power to fine businesses should personal data in their possession be wrongly used or accessed.

Along with our trusted partners and leader in security solutions, WatchGuard, we can help companies become ready for GDPR and aid you in understanding what the implications of it are for your business.

Who will be impacted?

If your business is in one of the so-called ‘essential’ sectors you’re more likely to be hit with a huge fine. Companies working in industries such as the healthcare, banking and power generation could be at risk of heavier fines, which can measure up to £17m or an eye-watering 4% of their global turnover, whichever’s bigger.

A smaller business, although not as likely to be as heavily penalized due to it naturally having a smaller amount of personal data at risk, will still be fined should data in their possession be accessed by the wrong person, so it’s really in the interests of all businesses, whatever their size, to become GDPR ready.

How can you prepare?

One simple way to guard against an attack on your personal data is to brief your team about how data theft occurs. The NHS was rendered helpless by an email attachment that, once opened, locked down the system and took personal data hostage for days until a solution was found. Now, imagine this happens to your business post GDPR; not only will you have a huge headache in terms of retrieving lost data, you could also be facing a heavy fine for one of your employees making an innocent mistake at their desk.

In addition to offering date-loss services that ensure your business is up to date with the new GDPR protocol, the brand-new WatchGuard TDR (Threat Detection Response) can also offer the most advanced protection available to your Cloud-based date thanks to its incorporation of the brand new threat-scoring system, Threat Sync.

One of the biggest questions about GDPR is how data stored on the Cloud will be affected after the new legislation comes into effect, with this being able to be accessed in different methods as opposed to on-site storage due the nature of Cloud data. With the impending new consequences of violating GDPR regulation coming into effect soon, it’s more important than ever to be secure in your data storage.

Give us a call to see how we can help your company become ready for when GDPR comes into effect.