Construction Site Wi-fi

Providing Construction Site Wi-Fi Solutions to suit any site of any size

Stay connected with a stable wifi connection

We know how important it is to start any construction site project off on the right foot – unreliable wifi can cause delays in productivity, deadlines and ultimately profits, so implementing a robust wifi system is a must for any business.

This is where TechCare can help.

Our construction site wifi packages are custom fitted, we don’t set up coverage based on people but we cover based on devices. In today’s world, multiple devices that require connectivity is the norm – laptops, phones, ipads and even watches need to be connected.

Our packages are built on a robust and stable network, ensuring you have the bandwidth so you don’t drop off that important client video call on your tablet or you’re unable to share those construction layout plans with a colleague.

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The right choice for construction site wifi

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We can help you choose a range of temporary wifi solutions suitable for use on your construction site. Popular features to integrate include:

  • VOIP phones and installation
  • Additional wifi users/devices
  • Bandwidth segmentation and restrictions – so your wifi access doesn’t get abused
  • Integrate and install CCTV cameras to secure your construction site
  • COVID19 track and trace reporting
  • Multifactor support – Verify your users with SMS

What we do

First, we arrange a site visit to test for any connectivity issues. Issues such as:

  • Blackspots
  • Signal coverage
  • 4G connectivity
  • Review the current wifi system (if applicable)

This gives us a solid base for creating a stable, reliable construction site wifi network. A wifi site survey is a great way for you to understand what you need and our experts talk you through our recommendations before sending you a detailed report and quotation.

Once approved, we arrange a suitable time for installation and work around you and your construction team. We’ll install all the relevant data outlets, switches, access points and once setup, you’ll have access to our reporting suite so you can review usage and access.

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Excellent support when you need it most

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The wifi systems we set up on our clients construction sites are all handled remotely through our cloud software. Monitored hourly, we ensure peak performance and connectivity at all times.

We provide:

  • 8am to 5pm weekday support
  • Out of hours support (if required)
  • VPN / Remote IT support packages available (enabling us to connect to you and your device in real time)
  • Expert advice and installation

You’ll also have access to our reporting service, enabling you to check usage, add/block devices or users and set access times to the wifi service.

Did you know we’re CCTV accredited installers?

Our Wifi experts are also accredited Hikvision CCTV installers. We provide and install top of the range CCTV equipment, securing your construction site whilst offering outstanding wifi connectivity and support.

Benefits of working with TechCare

  • One point of contact for remote telephone and IT support
  • 4G broadband, public wifi and hotspots available
  • Mulitple wifi options available – Indoor/outdoor, point to point, data cabling and more
  • Small Business of the Year Winner – Cannock Chase Chamber of Commerce 
  • All in One IT provider
  • Partnered with multiple network equipment vendors

Other Wifi Services We Offer

  • Telephony / VOIP solutions (short and long term contracts available)
  • CCTV
  • IT Network Installations
  • Structured Cabling Solutions

What other services do you provide?

Although our No.1 priority is providing you with a powerful wifi network alongside top-class support. We don’t just offer wifi services, we install leased lines, CCTV, data cabling and many other IT related services.

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If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will call to discuss your requirements.