Leased Lines

Give your business a competitive edge with a leased line. Unlimited data transfers, exclusive bandwidth with guaranteed upload and download speeds.

Offering leased lines to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Give your business a competitive edge with a leased line – unlimited data transfers, exclusive bandwidth and total control with guaranteed upload and download speeds. Our leased line solutions are designed for businesses that depend on their internet connection to offer best in class products and services.

TechCare’s leased line options provide all of the speed, security and convenience you’d expect as standard, with our hallmark scalability, a future-proof approach and best-of-breed technology, installation expertise and customer service. We also offer 24/7 monitoring, UK helpdesks, flexible pricing, resilient voice and data convergence and a commitment to delivering a solution that simply works for your needs now and in the future.
Our Ethernet leased line products are suitable for a wide range of customers and business types.

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Types Of Leased Lines

FTTC Ethernet Leased Lines

An affordable, effective and reliable solution for smaller businesses in need of the performance benefits of a leased line without the added expense. Quick, reliable, robust and cost effective, this is our most popular entry-level leased line solution.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

Guaranteed 80 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth speeds with robust, reliable and resilient performance you can trust. This is a flexible, scalable intermediate leased line solution.

Fibre Ethernet

When only the fastest speeds and cutting-edge performance will do, our 1Gbps fibre Ethernet leased line offers benchmark capability with unrivalled security, reliability and flexibility.

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