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Stay connected outside

With the UK Economy set to recover toward the summer of 2021, a powerful and reliable outdoor event Wi-fi signal at your festival event will be hugely important to attract new business and customers.

Social media can put your outdoor event in the spotlight for both the right and wrong reasons.

One scenario shows happy customers enjoying your event and being able to connect to your Wi-fi network without issues. Boosting business and other perks such as free publicity across social media and beyond.

Another scenario – complaints about poor internet connectivity and no Wi-fi which turns visitors off and poor ratings on review sites.

Which one would you prefer?

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Our outdoor event wifi services and how we can help

Corporate Events

If you’re entertaining guests in an outdoor marque and are just looking for temporary wifi for your conference or event then we can help.

You may have visitors or clients looking to log into the wifi network to check work emails or sign up for your email newsletter.

Having a robust and powerful event wifi network can help keep everything on point and your clients happy.

Outdoor Hospitality & Beer Gardens

With social distancing restrictions set to carry on into Summer 2021, live music and outdoor events are going to play a huge part in boosting the economy.

Our outdoor wifi hotspot packages can help boost trade, enabling your customers can order from all corners of the beer garden and get their food hot and their drinks cold.

Outdoor Festivals

In rural areas, 3G can be unreliable. A dedicated wifi network enables your customers to upload content to social media connections or video call family to let them know they are safe.

This allows your customers to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about the little things.

Remote Service Support

Our No.1 priority is providing you with a reliable event wifi network alongside top-class support.

Our expert engineers will install your event wifi and provide you with all the information you need.

You’ll then be able to contact a member of our team should you have any questions or queries and we’ll be on hand to support you and your team every step of the way.

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Benefits of working with TechCare

  • One point of contact for remote telephone and IT support
  • 4G broadband, public wifi and hotspots available
  • Mulitple wifi options available – Indoor/outdoor, point to point, data cabling and more
  • Small Business of the Year Winner – Cannock Chase Chamber of Commerce 
  • All in One IT provider
  • Partnered with multiple network equipment vendors

What other services do you provide?

Although our No.1 priority is providing you with a powerful wifi network alongside top-class support. We don’t just offer wifi services, we install leased lines, CCTV, data cabling and many other IT related services.

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