10 reasons organisations upgrade their network cabling

Jun 20, 2017

10 reasons organisations upgrade their network cabling

We have been providing network cabling and infrastructure installation services for over eight years. During this time, we have seen many different reasons as to why our customers choose to upgrade their existing network cabling. Here is a list of the top ten reasons that drive the customers to take action:

1) SIP Phone system upgrades

The phones no longer need to sit on their own cabling system, instead additional network outlets are normally required to provide connectivity to the new phones. There are costs savings available if network switches are shared between IT services and Communications. In some cases, the OPEX savings associated with SIP can easily cover the cost of the infrastructure upgrades.

2) Wi-Fi Provision

With the fast growth of wireless devices in the corporate environment and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) incentives, faster Wi-Fi with better coverage is required. In order to accommodate the growth, additional wireless access points (think of these as wireless repeaters) are required. These are usually ceiling mounted and each one of them may require a network outlet dependant on the deployment scenario

3) CCTV Upgrades

New CCTV systems tend to be IP CCTV systems, meaning they are connected to a network for internal (and sometimes external) communication. These systems may need re-cabling using a structured cabling system such as Cat5e or Cat6

4) Organisation expansion

Additional employees or network connected machinery may mean that additional network outlets are required

5) Organisation consolidation

Moving employees or network connected machinery form multiple locations into a single location may mean that additional network outlets are required

6) Tooling and Machinery Upgrades

Upgrades to CNC, Robotic or other warehouse plant and machinery often means that the replacement equipment is ‘smarter’ by design. In some cases, new equipment requires network connectivity, so additional network outlets are required near to the new equipment.

7) Display Screens

Distributed video for the purpose of showing important KPI’s, customer facing presentations, phone system analytics or cctv camera feeds (amongst many other use cases) means that display screens need network connectivity.

8) Access control / Time and Attendance Systems

These systems are increasingly network connected. Being able to monitor people or plant movements for Safety, HR and operational purposes from a central location is important in helping drive efficiency within organisations. These systems often require additional network outlets in place prior to installation.

9) Inventory Control Systems

Managing stock or plant in warehousing environments is often carried out using Wi-Fi connected barcode scanners. In order for the barcode scanners to be able connect to Wi-Fi, the wireless access points must be connected to network outlets.

10) Performance or reliability issues

Existing cabling systems may of been installed incorrectly without any documentation or certification. As the number of devices on the network has grown over time, performance or reliability issues may become apparent.
The need for a part or full cabling upgrade supported with documentation and a 25 Year manufacturers warranty is usually the remedy in this scenario.

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