8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs

Feb 25, 2021

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs

Software development, according to IBM Research, refers to ‘a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.’ It’s an essential part of running any business and requires expert attention at all stages.

Some businesses have in-house team members to do this for them, but actually, many find that outsourcing these types of tasks is much more efficient.

Using a managed software development company is ideal in many situations. For example, for smaller businesses that don’t have the means or the workload to employ someone full-time, having someone to call on as and when needed is perfect. It can also be an excellent option for business owners with multiple projects to manage, using a team of experienced operatives who can work across any project as and when required.

Outsourcing has become much more prevalent in the Covid-19 era. With more people working remotely, it’s the new normal. But carrying on this trend beyond the pandemic has many benefits, including helping businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective. Here’s a rundown of the 8 main reasons why managed software development might be a good choice for you and your business:

1 – No holiday or sick pay.

You don’t need to pay for staff annual leave or illness like you would with a fully employed member of staff. With a managed software development company, for every hour you pay for, you receive a full hour of labour.

2 – No recruitment fees.

Due to the current sky-high demand for Software Developers, finding new talent requires specialist recruitment support. Typical recruitment costs for hiring a developer right now can be as high as £6,000! Imagine what else you could do with that money!

3 – No overheads for development tools.

Many managed software development companies use the latest development workflow software such as Jira, Tempo and other development tools. These all have high subscription costs but are paid for by the outsourced company.

4 – Cloud hosting know-how.

You will benefit from the managed software development company’s comprehensive understanding of cloud hosting, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not all developers understand the system, but many software companies (including TechCare) have a strong commitment to upskilling their developers to learn this infrastructure. This means you don’t need help from a separate – and often pricey – AWS consultant.

5 – Zero training costs.

Outsourced Software Developers receive regular training on various systems, and their knowledge and skills are updated all the time, with all training costs taken care of by the management company. So you don’t have to worry!

6 – Reduced management time.

Whilst the Project Manager will need some of your time, as well as your team’s time, once the required features are captured, they then spend further time ‘behind the scenes’ with the Developer. This is when they organise the features, translate the business requirements into development requirements and then manage the delivery of the project. This means that you and your team don’t need to spend precious hours managing a Developer of your own – you’re free to get on with the important job of running your business.

7 – Increased IT integration.

Sometimes software development and IT need close integration. With your outsourced software development company being capable of managing both, there are many benefits such as knowledge sharing and inter-department collaboration, which all make the process simpler.

8 – Multiple Developers.

Most managed software development companies – TechCare included – have a growing team of Developers. This means they have a lot more resiliency to things like sickness or training leave, and they are more likely able to cover jobs with another Developer, meaning there’ll be no delay to your project.

TechCare is passionate about helping businesses grow with the use of technology. We can provide you with a professional, sleek and reliable service for all of your business’s managed software development needs. Our ever-expanding team of developers are highly-skilled and experienced in all aspects of software development and are always on hand to ensure you and your business have the software support you need to thrive. For more information or to arrange an informal chat, please contact us.