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In the ever changing world of data storage, cloud systems are increasingly becoming more popular and therefore the target of choice for online hackers and other online nasties. Bigger punishments for firms who can’t keep their data safe are on the horizon thanks to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which  will become law in May 2018. 71 percent of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) now have applications in the public cloud, but how do you make your cloud more secure to guard against said threats?

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud is an easy and affordable choice to make your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) more secure in an instant. It does this, in short, by bringing WatchGuard’s leading Firebox Unified Threat Management (UTM) applications to the cloud world. Cyber-threats such as botnets, SQL injection attempts, cross-site scripting and other intrusion vectors are instantly guarded against thanks to Firebox Cloud’s outstanding security capabilities, which provide in-depth and advanced protection against anyone, or anything, trying to access your Cloud data.

In addition to this, Firebox Cloud is fully compatible with WatchGuard Dimension, the fit-for-cloud security visibility solution that was selected as Network Computing’s Best New Product of the Year. Dimension provides an array of reporting tools which pick up on new security issues and trends the instant they become apparent, delivering priceless up-to-date insights to security policies across your business and that helps keep your online data secure.

Using Amazon Web Services? Whilst this ever-popular choice for cloud storage is renowned for spending massive amounts on security and is well-known for having a safe infrastructure, some responsibility still rests with businesses in terms of their security approach to content, platform, applications and network. AWS does indeed provide an access control list (ACL) which acts as a firewall for controlling one or more subnets, but controlling access remains only a fraction of the security challenge facing businesses. Firebox Cloud eliminates the aforementioned problems and actually enhances the security of AWS by providing the capability to inspect inbound and outbound traffic with a comprehensive set of security tools which identify and protect against cyber-attacks before they become deadly.

Firebox Cloud can also offer the additional bonus of being able to make your Cloud safer for the right price with a choice of small, medium, large and extra-large products available depending on the size of your security needs. What’s more, you can access a free trial of WatchGuard Firebox’s extensive security capabilities for yourself and see first-hand the difference Firebox Cloud can do to make your cloud safer than ever.

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