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Expert IT consultants solving your biggest business problems through digital transformation.

IT Consultancy Services for SMEs

It isn’t easy to know where to start when looking for an IT consultancy service, and even more challenging to know which one is right for you.

With so many options, how do you know which is right for your business? Do you go with the cheapest? The most expensive? The one with the best reviews?

That’s why at TechCare we take a tailored approach with every client, based on their specific needs and goals. We’ll talk in your language and make sure we keep you informed every step of the way.

Why choose us?

Whether you need help building a technology strategy or need advice on best practices or compliance – we’re here for you.

Our team is available face-to-face or virtually, so it’s easy to work with us no matter where you are.

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IT Strategy

Our IT strategy consulting services can help you build a comprehensive plan that will take your business to the next level.

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and develop a customised approach to help you achieve them.

IT Implementation

Our implementation consulting services are perfect for businesses who need assistance putting their IT plans into action - no matter their size. 

We’ll work closely with you to ensure flawless execution so your business can realise all the benefits of your new system or service.

Project Management

Our project management consulting services can help keep your IT projects on track and avoid costly delays or disruptions.

We have a proven track record of successful project management and can help you ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

IT Compliance

Our compliance consulting services can help ensure that your business complies with all the relevant regulations.

We’ll work with you to assess your risks and develop a compliance program to protect your business.

IT Security

Our award-winning IT security consulting services can help you protect your business from the ever-growing threat of cybercrime. 

We assess your current risks and put a cyber strategy in place.

Our consultancy process

When you partner with us, you can be confident that we will take the time to understand your priorities and create a customised plan that fits your budgetary requirements.

What are IT consultancy services?

IT consultants work with clients to provide expert advice on using technology to achieve their business goals—anything from implementing a cyber security strategy to cloud-based solutions.

They can help you save time and money by ensuring that you are using the best possible technology for your needs. They can also help you avoid common mistakes that can cost your business dearly in the long run.

What’s the difference between IT services and IT consulting?

The main difference between IT services and IT consulting is that IT services maintain and troubleshoot existing systems, while the consulting aspect focuses on helping businesses achieve their goals through technology.

In other words, IT consultants help businesses identify and implement the right solutions for their specific needs, everything from developing a new website to implementing cloud-based solutions.

What are the benefits of IT consultancy services?

There are many benefits of working with an IT consultant. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that they can save you time and money by ensuring you are using the best possible technology for your needs.

It also helps you avoid common mistakes that can cost your business dearly in the long run. In addition, IT consultants can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have someone to turn to who is an expert in the technology field.

Some other benefits include:

Improved efficiency

When you have an IT consultant on board, they can help you streamline your processes and make you more efficient, leading to increased productivity and cost savings for your business.

Increased productivity

As your processes improve, your employees can get more work done in a shorter amount of time so they can spend more time helping increase sales and revenue.

Better decision making

With an IT consultant’s help, you can make better decisions about which technology solutions are right for your business - saving you time and money in the long run.

Reduced risk

By working with an IT consultant, you can reduce the risk of making costly mistakes when selecting and implementing new technology solutions.

Improved customer service

Using the best technology for your needs can provide your customers with a better experience. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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What our clients say…

Managing Director ~ Crown Highways

Managing Director ~ Crown Highways

"TechCare is a professional, tidy, creditable organisation providing our IT services. Whenever you talk to anybody on the phone, they always know what they’re doing. They’re all competent in the service that they deliver, and the products they provide are always of a high standard. I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you chose them to provide your IT support."

Zaina Ishaq - Carwow Community Manager

Zaina Ishaq - Carwow Community Manager

"I cannot praise TechCare enough. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and seamless. The team on the day did a fantastic job, worked within our requirements and were very tidy. They communicated well with us and were understanding when I didn’t have the technical answers and were patient whilst I tried to find out."

Managing Director ~ Kitchen Depot

Managing Director ~ Kitchen Depot

"Their managed support service, which includes proactive maintenance and reactive support, has proved every bit as good as the initial outfit. Any of our team can call any time for advice, and nothing is ever too much trouble."

Managing Director ~ Ashby Facilities

Managing Director ~ Ashby Facilities

"TechCare has been an important partner in the creation and growth phase of our business. Their professionalism and dedication to understanding our business goals have been instrumental to the success that we have enjoyed."

TechCare and The Highways Industry Case Study

TechCare and The Highways Industry Case Study

“One of the main benefits we get from using TechCare is their personal touch, their friendly character and service and because we’ve been with them for so long we know their faces, we know who we’re talking to, and they’re very much part of the team.”