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Network infrastructure installations created to enhance productivity and improve the performance of your IT systems. 

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    Installing new or upgrading existing networks can be a daunting project for even the most technical of professionals. When you’re busy managing day-to-day business requirements, the thought of taking on another critical project can feel overwhelming. 

    Sourcing a partner that you can depend on and that understands the technological requirements of a network installation, and the business impacts is easier said than done. This is where TechCare can help.

    What makes us different?

    We were an IT service provider long before we began offering network installation services for businesses. This provides a massive benefit to our clients, as we understand the ‘bigger picture’ of a network installation entirely, and how the design and installation of such projects can impact a business.

    We also only certify reliable networks that are backed by a 25 year Excel manufacturers warranty¹ and also integrate other elements such as switching, routing, Wi-Fi and server infrastructure into the package.

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    Bespoke Job Management Software

    We can track time spent on works and give clients access to a customer portal to see project documentation, site photos, risk assessments, and drawings.

    We Understand IT

    Most network installation companies only install the network cabling. It’s then down to others to integrate the live equipment such as network switches, Wi-Fi equipment and end-user devices. We understand IT professionals’ complex needs and can provide an end-to-end service, unlike many of the network cabling contractors that we come up against.

    Managed Project Service

    We carry out design, installation, integration and maintenance, providing a complete end-to-end service. This reduces the hassle and time for the client.

    Partnerships with Network Equipment Vendors

    We have partnerships with vendors such as Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Watchguard, APC, HPE and Ubiquiti. Unlike cabling contractors, we can look after procurement, staging, asset management and installation of devices from these vendors, saving our clients time, hassle and money.

    ¹Excel Manufacturers warranty is subject to installation taking place in a suitable installation environment. More information can be found here, and application for warranty is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


    I need network installation support to create additional bandwidth requirements of new IT systems/other connected services. Is this something you can assist with?

    Absolutely. TechCare can install a network that supports 1Gbps or 10Gbps over Copper and up-to 100Gbps over fibre. These enhancements can improve the performance of IT systems and provide end-users with enhanced productivity.

    Our business is suffering operational disruption due to an unreliable network. What can you do to help us resolve this?

    TechCare can carry out a certification test to identify any problems on your network cabling system.

    If repairs, replacements and upgrades are required, then our expert team can carry out the services needed as part of a fully managed network installation support package.

    Remedial works can remove unwanted outages, improve all stakeholders’ experience, and increase productivity positively for the organisation.

    Our business is scaling, and we need additional connectivity capacity to accommodate other staff, plant and IT equipment. Is this something you offer?

    TechCare can install additional network outlets into existing network infrastructures, whether that be in retro-fit environments (finished buildings) or as part of building adaptations or premises growth. 

    We can quickly provide cabled or Wi-Fi connectivity to enable connectivity to network resources for your people or equipment.

    We’re moving to new premises with no network, can you help us set up a suitable solution for our business?

    TechCare can design and develop a network installation to meet your requirements. We can provide a 360° solution that includes WAN connectivity, switching, routing, Wi-Fi, telephony and end-user equipment. 

    This type of service can speed up deployment and reduce the amount of time required by clients to manage the project or deal with multiple contractors.

    Can you help us to identify a network fault?

    Starting with the physical layer, TechCare can carry out a test using a Fluke DSX 5000 certification tester. This tester will output test results to meet several different testing standards.

    With this information, we can identify faults or prove the reliability and performance characteristics of a whole network cabling system or a selection of specified cables.

    Proving the physical network performance can help you narrow down your search for problems at other layers of the network.

    We don’t have the resources internally to manage our Network Installation project. Can you work alongside us or as an extension of our team?

    We work with many IT leaders and executives that don’t have the internal capabilities to design and install a network to the required standards. This is often the case as network projects may be infrequent, and having resource on-hand to carry out these works wouldn’t be financially viable.

    Working with TechCare, we act as an extension to your team, providing you with the expertise required, when it’s needed.

    I don’t want to deal with multiple contractors or have to manage the project. Can you provide a 360° network installation solution for our business?

    Yes. We understand, your time is better spent on business as usual items and strategic objectives.

    We have experience and capability to provide a fully managed network installation service, including design, install, switching, routing, WAN, IP CCTV, server installation, voice, videoconferencing and migration of end-user devices.

    We have some damaged network ports that mean devices cannot connect to the network in these areas. Can you fix them?

    TechCare carries out a range of works, from small fault rectification on single network outlets to fully managed network installation.

    We can rectify problem ports to ensure that your people or devices can be connected where they need to be and you are getting the most from your network switch investment.

    Who we help

    We primarily help IT Leaders, IT Directors, IT Managers and Network Infrastructure Managers with a range of Network Installation requirements around the Staffordshire area.

    From complete design and implementation of a bespoke network to upgrades, fault identification and more, our experience within this area is vast, and we can work with you in whatever way you require.

    Our team has worked across multi-site and single-site organisations, ensuring that all business sites are uniform and have a similar delivery experience, managed by a trusted partner nationally.

    Likewise, if you are an Electrical Contractor or a professional responsible for procuring a new building network, we can assist with your project planning and delivery.

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    Health and Safety

    We work with Health and Safety consultants Safety Forward to continue to review and implement changing health and safety policies to ensure our working practices are safe for all involved.

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    Case Studies

    A few of the businesses we’ve helped with network cabling and installation requirements

    TechCare and Lugo Group Europe

    The end result New equipment procured and installedMinimal disruption to businessSmooth transition into new premises The Problem Lugo Group Europe comprises a group of three companies, all of which supply high-quality interior design products and refurbishments. Due to the nature of their work, they’re hugely dependent on fast and fully functioning IT systems. A looming […]

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    TechCare and The Highways Industry Case Study

    TechCare support a 160 + Employee business in the Highways Industry The Client’s managing director said: ‘We have been providing highways maintenance services for 25 years, and TechCare has been providing IT support for us for over ten years now. We’ve got 130 staff working across the UK at our two depots, and our head […]

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    What our Clients say

    Managing Director – The Kitchen Depot

    “Our technology systems are now transformed, and we are delighted to maintain a fantastic working relationship with TechCare. Their managed support service, which includes proactive maintenance and reactive support, has proved every bit as good as the initial outfit. Any of our team can call any time for advice, and nothing is ever too much trouble.”

    Managing Director – Crown Highways

    “TechCare is a professional, tidy, creditable organisation providing our IT services. Whenever you talk to anybody on the phone, they always know what they’re doing. They’re all competent in the service that they deliver, and the products they provide are always of a high standard. I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you chose them to provide your IT support.”

    Managing Director – Ashby Facilities

    “TechCare has been an important partner in the creation and growth phase of our business. Their professionalism and dedication to understanding our business goals have been instrumental to the success that we have enjoyed.”