What is MFA and how do I implement?

Aug 12, 2019

What is MFA and how do I implement?

Of companies that don’t have MFA, 83 percent are interested in using it, and 65 percent have plans to purchase in the future according to research organised by WatchGuard AuthPoint

There is clear momentum toward MFA solutions such as WatchGuard AuthPoint, even among companies with less than 1,000 employees. 67 percent of companies surveyed currently use some sort of MFA for at least some portion of their user population, and 29 percent do not use MFA at all. 29 percent is a significant number of businesses because it only takes a mistake from one employee to cause a data breach. Also, the 67 percent stat is deceptive, so let’s dig into it.

Here’s what businesses had to say about adopting MFA:

• 61% feel MFA solutions are designed for larger companies
• 24% say MFA is too difficult to maintain and support
• 24% believe MFA is too complex to implement
• 24% think MFA solutions are too expensive
• 22% believe there is inter-company resistance to MFA

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