WatchGuard Gold Partner Status Blog

Mar 05, 2021

WatchGuard Gold Partner Status Blog

We’ve Struck Gold!

TechCare is proud to announce that we’ve earned a prestigious accreditation in collaboration with WatchGuard.

We’ve been awarded the WatchGuard Gold Partner status, which means that we have proven our product knowledge and expertise by passing a challenging mix of technical training sessions and practical certifications.

This accolade further proves TechCare’s commitment to the WatchGuard brand and means that we are now certified to a level that sets us apart as a solid point of reference for the products that WatchGuard provide.

This is also great news for our clients, as not only will they benefit from the superior level of training and expertise that the Gold Partner status reflects, but they will also enjoy the additional discounts on WatchGuard products that we will now be eligible for.

Lewis Lydiard, TechCare’s Project Engineer, is one of our team that has been working hard to complete the various examinations to enable us to reach Gold status. He commented: “I’ve recently been taking on a range of self-training courses to help us meet the Gold Partner Status through WatchGuard. This particular round of certification was a one-day course for which we studied various topics. This included looking at multi-factor authentication from a WatchGuard point of view and how to integrate it into online services to include the WatchGuard Authpoint product.”

Lewis has been continuously trained and mentored by several team members, but in particular by Oliver Aleksejuk, Head of Operations. Lewis commented: “Upskilling the team is something that TechCare is really passionate about. They’re dedicated to continuously training their staff to always meet Best in Standard certifications and possess all of the latest technological requirements needed to offer the kind of service that TechCare clients require.

Oliver Aleksejuk, Head of Operations, commented: “It’s vital that we continue to meet these certifications to be seen as being the forward-thinking company we are. It shows that we are an up to date tech company that really cares about being up to speed with all of the latest legislation and certifications we need to provide a robust, reliable, dependable and knowledgeable service to our clients.”

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