Watchguard Threat Detection And Response (Tdr) Explained

Jun 12, 2017

Watchguard Threat Detection And Response (Tdr) Explained

Instances of cybercrime are on the rise worldwide, with criminals seeking increasingly sophisticated ways of accessing, blocking and stealing data. Recent high-profile cases of data breaching in organisations big and small have further highlighted how crucial it is to maintain adequate IT network security measures to offset the risks posed in an ever-more dangerous online world. WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response is designed to meet this growing need for added layers of security.

What Does WatchGuard TDR Do?

WatchGuard helps your security system to work in harmony, tracing network and endpoint security events alongside the latest threat intelligence so as to accurately and swiftly detect, prioritize and enable immediate protective action – stopping malware attacks in their tracks and protecting your data and systems.

Detecting Threats and Taking Action

Adoptees of WatchGuard TDR will be enabled to take advantage of the software’s ability to work alongside your existing antivirus software solutions without cancelling out the coverage, an unusual benefit for such a powerful piece of tech. Customers can also be sure their coverage via WatchGuard will provide optimum visibility and correlation between their network and endpoint activities, enabling your organisation to respond confidently to technological threats with the use of TDR’s comprehensive threat scoring and prioritisation.

Other key benefits included improved security overall and the very finest protection from the latest malware threats. At no additional cost, WatchGuard also extends its intelligence to other small-to-midsize businesses to prevent the spread of unpleasant viruses and cyber-attacks which can have detrimental consequences across the web.

The Highest Levels of Protection

WatchGuard comes with the new cloud-based threat-scoring system, ThreatSync. ThreatSync collects data from WatchGuard’s systems and intelligence feeds in order to compile this data and provide a more rounded, complete picture of the health of your systems. Whilst threat intelligence has previously been the preserve of large companies with comprehensive security teams, WatchGuard makes this feature accessible to companies of different sizes so as to ensure the same security level is achieved without the hefty price tag or commensurate complexity.

By working in tandem with existing anti-virus solutions, WatchGuard TDR creates a powerful dual-layer response which catches problems your existing coverage might miss.

With the greatest available protection against even the most advanced forms of malware and ransomware, WatchGuard helps businesses prepare and mitigate attacks before the damage is done.

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